The storage and sleeping solution in one. The Chestbed. Originally known as the captains bed, the chest bed combines the storage of several dressers and places it all in the space under your bed. We make our chestbeds with a plywood platform that replaces the need of a box spring, saving you even more space. One of the best features of our chestbeds is that the drawer and style of the bed are all up to you! Would you like 6 drawers? or maybe 18? If you want night stands then we will move the drawers so that they all open and clear the night stand, or maximize the size of every drawer in the case that you do not want to use night stands. Feel free to bring in a sketch or drawing of any ideas you have for your chestbed.

Here is a video of Mike McGunagle the owner of Natural Choice Furniture going through the features of one of the chestbeds in person.